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Mercedes Family Day

Plopsaland De Panne turned into a themed Mercedes-Benz park for the Mercedes Family Days. Our informants and hostesses welcomed and helped visitors.
Fun and Mercedes-Benz, a perfect combination!




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the raid agency wallonie terre d eau2019-dinant

Wallonie Terre d’Eau

Last weekend we had a special event at Dinant.


To promote the tourism of Wallonie, we found 5 girls who were available to work in Dinant.

The theme of this job was tourism and water and they were given a special outfit for the day.

Thanks to these top performers and 2Perfection, we made it happen together!



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Another fair, another job!

Last weekend the Brussels Expo turned upside down and the halls were totally restructured and redecorated for another fair. The Estetika Fair only lasted three days but welcomed over thirty thousand visitors. During this short-term period organizations, traders and salesmen of more than 150 brands gather at the expo halls. They all want the same. Let the costumer know who they are, inform them about their product and benefits. But most important, they want to sell their products! You can find everything that comes and goes with beauty. From lotions to lipsticks and brushes to face masks. A real paradise for a beautician.

This is definitely the biggest beauty fair of Belgium, but there are not only sets with care, heath or beauty products. Worldline was also impressively active at this fair. A company or brand that you won’t recognize immediately, but it is known and used by everyone. Worldline formulates systems and solutions that ensure seamless execution for the payments of clients and customers. You use the services of Worldline on a daily base. When you pay your bills at your favorite restaurant by card, when you go grocery shopping and pins in your four-digit code, even when you buy tickets online for a concert for example. Worldline ensures a safe and protected payment and banking with their online systems, online banking and payment terminals.

So Worldline participated at this fair to inform visitors and clients that Worldline is the right solution for any business and its payments. A sales team waited every day and was ready to inform all the visitors. Worldline wanted to give the clients an extra service, that is where The Raid Agency comes into the story. We booked and scheduled one masseur accompanied by a hostess. The hostess stood in for a smooth and rapid follow-up of the planning. The masseur took the stress away of the clients and made them forget that they were at a very crowded fair. After every massage, the client left the set of Worldline with an enormous and peaceful smile. Happy clients, the reason why we exist.


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Grohe is a sanitary fittings company that makes water feel and flow better


Today, Rachel greets journalists at the Brussels Airlines VIP Lounges and she lets them discover the brand and products of Grohe.



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IXINA Kitchens at Batibouw 2019

At the end of February and the beginning of March the Brussels Expo turns into a fair where you can find everything for the in- and outside of your dream house. Almost all the manufacturers, importers, exporters and vendors who are active on market, show off their finest and newest products. This is definitely a place where you can visit the wonderful stand of IXINA Kitchens.

Batibouw is since 1960 one of the biggest fairs in Belgium. Companies who create and sell kitchens, windows, bathrooms etc. display their nicest products to the visitors. It becomes the most popular place in Belgium for the people who are going to build their dreamhouse or for those who needs something new in their house. Batibouw is a fair where you can find everything for your home. If you can’t find it at Batibouw, I believe you will not find it at all.

IXINA Kitchens is one of the most successful kitchen developers and retailers in Belgium and France. Over the years they have conquered and spread their products all over Europe, Africa and Asia. That is why they could not miss this fair and took the opportunity to exhibit the newest models.

This year we worked together with IXINA and found six informants for them. Most of them were an informant at the Brussels Motor Show once. They had what we were looking for and they knew what we expected from them. We put strong individuals together and build an impressive team. IXINA and their staff organized two training days for the informants and informed them. They were ready for Batibouw!

Batibouw started the 23th of February and ended the 3rd of March 2019. Our informants helped every client, answered the questions as good as possible and made explained the visitors why they had to choose for an IXINA Kitchen. Sometimes they event went to a next level. One of our informants, Elias sold two kitchens at the fair. He handled and informed the visitors so good that he switched them from a visitor to a client and buyer.

After this period, we could conclude that Batibouw was an excellent experience and project for us and IXINA. With the right informants, you get the results that you want and you can even sell your products. Up to a next chapter and a long cooperation between IXINA and The Raid Agency

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Porsche, The Raid Agency and BMS 2019

A few weeks before the start of the Brussels Motor Show 2019 we were contacted by a high-end automotive brand. One of the biggest German sports car producers was looking for some extra informants to fill their sales team at the Brussels Motor Show. That was the moment when Porsche became one of our clients.

For those who does not know Porsche, shame on you, but I will not ignore you. Porsche is a German manufacturer that is specialized in sports cars. Their first ever car was the Porsche 64, a rally vehicle. In 1963 they created the Porsche 901, this type was renamed as the Porsche 911 and is the most popular car of their complete range and history.

Since the turn of the millennium, Porsche invested in the creation of new models and expansion of the brand. When the Porsche Panamera, Cayenne and Macan were introduced and launched, the brand size enhanced. It is still known for all the sports cars they created, but it is more open now.

When we were contacted by the organization of Porsche, we were a little surprised and we already had lots of clients at the BMS 2019. But when Porsche wants to work with you, the only thing you can say is ‘Yes, how can we help you?’. So that was the start of a new challenge and cooperation.

We found the informants they were looking for, send them to the training days and we cram them for the greatest fair of the year. During the fair, the informants and their sales team joined forces to reach the stated goals. At the end of the BMS 2019 we can look back at an excellent adventure and the beginning of a successful partnership.

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Brussels Motor Show 2019

Every year we spend lots of time preparing for the Brussels Motor Show. And this year, things weren’t different.

As last year, we putt the heads together and sealed the deal with automotive clients. There were some new faces and our true and loyal clients. We received the task to find almost 400 informants and hostesses for the following automotive brands. Seat, Porsche and Volkswagen of the D’Ieteren Group, Toyota and Lexus, Mercedes-Benz cars, vans and Smart and last but not least, Opel.

From September until the end of December 2018, our key account managers and staff were on a mission. A mission to find the perfect informant who could adapt himself or herself to the needs and expectations of the specific client. As a VIP event, communication and field agency, we only wanted the best informants.

As we only wanted the best for our clients and the visitors of the show, we searched for the right people in Belgium. Passionate by cars, driven and motivated by helping and informing visitors and customers, having the perfect people skills and judge of character. A simple visual of our perfect informant

Days, weeks and months went by, the groups filled up and the places at the Brussels Motor Show became limited. In December, one month before the start of the motor show, the first training days dawned. During the months December and the beginning of January, our informants and hostesses travelled through Belgium for some classes, test days and examinations. Everyone was committed to their automotive brand and worked hard to reach the final selection. It was about time that the show began.

The ten most important days of our clients and our agency started, the period and the beginning of the Brussels Motor Show 2019. Since the 18th January all the informants found their way to the Brussels Expo. Every day they got a breakfast and lunch buffet to gain some power and energy to make it through the day. With some extra pauses, body massages and energy drinks the informants and hostesses received the chance to rest and relax a while.

Nevertheless, the breaks and pauses, those ten days were exhausting and long. Thousands of people visited the show and the stands. With some new and popular cars exhibited, the informants were overwhelmed with questions and demands. Although the long days, time flied, and the Brussels Motor Show ended in no time.

After the show, the clients and The Raid Agency looked at the goals and results, reviewed them and made a conclusion. Again, for so many years in a row, we succeeded. The clients were satisfied with the outcomes, the visitors left the BMS with a pleased feeling and our informants could look back at a very instructive and unforgettable experience.

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A better environment in Brussels

Wanna contribute to a more sustainable living environment in your neighborhood? Do you have projects in your head but don’t know how to get started?

The Brussels Environment “Inspire the Neighborhood” call for projects is here to support you in the realization of your local neighborhood projects and can provide you with financial support of up to 15.000 Euros. Our team will explain every details to those who are creative and looking for a better city.

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